I use Google Maps a lot, including the satellite and street views. Perhaps especially the satellite and street views. They are technologies that came available in my 20s when I was no longer living in the home I grew up in. I was living in either urban or slightly more urban places. And Google quickly photographed these new homes, including my current home and my car sitting in front of them, before I ever even first looked for them (and some we before Google Maps).

But my home growing up remained a blob in Google’s satellite imagery. It couldn’t even zoom down to the full level. There was comfort in those zoom level not available tiles that used to appear. Even better was the lack of the street view man’s ability to crawl my road.

Turns out that has changed. Guessing from the water blurs and pumpkins in the yard, it changed on a rainy day almost a year ago.


  1. Andy 20100906

    Whoa – I lived way outside of Antigo when I was growing up, and they’ve got our driveway now. I’m shocked. SHOCKED.

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