Hump in the path to more goodness


Website users are real difficult. On the one hand, they demand more goodness. On the other hand, they demand their preferences and favorite features be left untouched. So how do you move forward?

I’ve been a part of redesigns that have been a huge success on all fronts except perhaps the most import: the long time power user. Flickr’s photo page redesign seems to be mostly a big success and there are a lot of things I really like. But.

  1. I miss the photo title being above the photo for two reasons. On the gallery pages, it remains above. Why move it on the individual page? Second, most of my Flickr browsing happens on a laptop without the browser window maximized. This results in often having to scroll to see the title. Yeah, scrolling is easy and people should stop worrying about trying to put everything in the top 200px of a screen, but, often the whole photo doesn’t fit until I have scrolled the header off screen anyway, so I still need to scroll just for the whole photo. Would be nice to read the title while doing the scrolling.
  2. I miss tags being on their own line. This could turn into long lists sometimes. And maybe it’s just that I hate tag clouds and anything resembling them. But. I sometimes abuse tags by entering descriptive sentences instead of keywords. Yeah, it’s wrong, but I also dislike having descriptions on the gallery pages, so this is my hack around it. Now those long “tags” look like are big, hard to decipher paragraph. On a good note, love the change from bullet to delete icon when hover over the list on your own photos (though not awesome with a touch interface).
  3. The camera information and meta data just seems lost to me. Which is weird, cause, you know, it’s right there at the top. But. The camera name and location and other meta data keys don’t appear as links until hovering over that section which despite knowing it is available somehow slightly discourages me from further digging into it. EXIF and location are real important to me and I like the idea of encouraging casual users to get excited about it too. Always on links seem good for that.

That new layout and ideas in general are pretty fantastic though. Should’ve known better to upload all those 500px max dimension photos.

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