Fenderless and free


I’ve had fenders on my bicycle since October. They are pretty low profile, non-intrusive numbers but fenders nonetheless. It’s been a long wet spring until just over a week. Finally more than a week in the forecast without rain meant it was time to pull the fenders. Turns out I forgot how much nicer a bike feels without them hanging off. Something about seeing being able to see the top of the tires just makes it feel faster and cleaner. And free.

There is rain in the forecast tomorrow.


  1. majafa 20100702

    Are they that easy to take on and off all the time?
    I like bikes with same color frame/fenders…they look nice and classy.
    That said, less stuff = less stuff to potentially break or cause a problem.

  2. waytoocrowded 20100703

    I don’t take them on and off much, which is why they have been on since October and I didn’t put them back on for the rain yesterday. But they are pretty quick as they are the variety that straps to the frame rather that sharing the wheel and brake nuts.


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