Delete isn’t delete


Apparently I spend too much time facing a web browser. There is a back button – perhaps the most important button. But the importance to me is the keyboard shortcut attached to it. Delete. Delete equals back. Shift+delete equals forward.

It takes you from page to page amongst those you have already viewed. I like Flickr. Users can have sets, all displayed on an index page showing a single thumbnail per set. Click a set and get thumbnails for a bunch of the photos in the set. Press delete (back) to return to the set and again to return to all sets. Fantastic.

I go back in a web browser a lot. Really. Most of the time it has nothing to do with photos in a gallery on Flickr. But I like Flickr.

iPhoto has events. Click an event on the All Events page to view its photos on a new page. This page has an All Events button in the top left shaped like an arrow pointing back. Click a photo to view it larger. Click it again to return to gallery size. And then go back to the All Events page by pressing delete because delete equals back. Right?

Good thing command+z works to undo deletion of photos. Habits.


  1. Andy 20100620

    CMD + [ is a habit I learned long ago.

  2. waytoocrowded 20100620

    I think spending my formative internet years (and still daily at work) with a keyboard containing a key labeled “Backspace” keeps me from stuck on that metaphor for history navigation.

  3. majafa 20100620

    I prefer using a mouse

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