We have this semi regular discussion about how to handle targeting specific CSS to the appropriate browser and it always goes back to browser hacks and filters and ridiculous selectors that only one browser understands. Conditional comments are still avoided because we have such a huge crush on our HTML and they can’t fight for all browsers anyway.

I’m convinced soon we won’t have to fight for all browsers.

Browsers are getting updated at a significant pace and adoption isn’t that far behind with the exception of corporate users stuck on old IE’s. But that’s fine. IE has conditional comments. Soon enough all the bugs and discrepancies in the other browsers will be resolved. CSS will just work.

And then there is CSS3. More bugs as we finally start using it like it is nothing special? Again I’m in a world of bliss where I believe those crafting our user agents are paying better attention to consistent and specification abiding rendering than what was had in the past. It’s going to get easier.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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