Poor time for bricking


Speaking of airplane mode, that was also the first flight that I used an electronic boarding pass. No printing at home. No printing from a kiosk. No having an agent print it for you. Just an email with a link to a webpage.

At first I intended to print out a copy as backup in case something failed or if the airport wasn’t as prepared for this as they claimed (PDX doesn’t offer it, MSP does) but decided against it. Printing is not the spirit of the future. I did save a screen shot on my phone in the event I couldn’t get a data connection.

It was a breeze through security. And I played with my phone while wandering the terminal – photos to filter through apps, pointless train videos and so on.

But at the gate, blackness. Is there a black screen of death? Cause it felt like death. For the first time in the 10 months of ownership, my phone was completely unresponsive. Appeared powered off with no reaction to the typical power on process. Connecting it to a laptop was didn’t help – didn’t show up in any applications to sync and didn’t trigger the battery charging screen. Seemingly dead. Some shaking later, still dead. More power on attempts, still dead.

Then I just waited a couple minutes trying to connect my laptop to the not-free MSP wifi (seriously, come on). That failed. So I tried powering on the phone again. And it worked. And everything was there (though I’d later find syncing was significantly confused about what files were already synced).

My group was called, I waved my phone screen down at the reader and made my way to the plane. If one thing good came out of the United Northwest purchase it was this addition. Northwest maybe had it by now anyway but I wasn’t aware of it. I don’t fly often.

Websites too

United, your Open/Close toggle is broken. Then again, I pretty much consider you whole website to be broken.

And your flight maps sometimes point the plane in the opposite direction of what it is really traveling. That’s not awesome. And don’t make it sound like the in-flight WIFI is free enabling me to track it while in the air.


  1. Andy 20100524

    Clopen. It’s the fuuuuuture.

  2. majafa 20100527

    i will always be that guy with a pile of folded papers paperclipped together when flying. A different piece of paper for every type of info one might need/want/think they need for flying. yep, that’s me.

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