Much of Apple’s success is likely attributed to its stubbornness when it comes to including features above and beyond what they deem necessary. I try to mind my own business and not whine most of the time. Most. The other chunk of Apple’s success is likely attributed to their attention to design details. So then.

Missed call / text / voicemail indicator

My tubby bitch always told me if someone left a message without my even having to touch it. Just a quick glance and if the light was flashing it was clear a voicemail was waiting. My iPhone requires me to pick it up and press a button just to see if someone called or if there are messages waiting.

As nice as my phone is to touch, sometimes I just don’t want to. LED’s are small and potentially bright and awesome, just like a MacBook’s sleep indicator.

Recent call / voicemail notification count

If I just listened to a voicemail, I know I missed the call. Don’t make me select recent calls to acknowledge it. Just do the right thing and remove that count from both.

That’s one I’ve complained about before.

Close the phone app

The general OS paradigm for dealing with apps that were running when you sleep the screen is to jump directly back into that app on awakening. This seems intuitive as the user specifically requested that app open and specifically didn’t close it.

When you receive a phone call while in sleep mode, the phone app is launched. When the call ends, the end call screen is momentarily displayed and then the phone goes back to its sleep state. Subsequently waking up the phone brings you back to the phone app. Not the home screen. Not the previous app you might have originally slepted the phone on. No. The phone app. Because someone called you.

If someone calls me, I didn’t initiate that action. Get me out of it as soon as possible and back to my normal usage. And we ended the call. End. I use my phone for other tasks way more often than for phone calls (and get the impression I’m not alone there) so dropping me back into the phone app is likely not going to be useful.

That weather app icon

Enough about the phone app. The calendar icon shows the current date. Why does the weather icon always show 73 degrees? Show me the current temp of the last location I viewed.

Speaking of, why does the clock app always think it is 10:15? Show the real time. And there is no Interstate 280 anywhere near me, Maps icon.


Am I missing preference settings or shortcuts to work around these?


  1. matches 20100225

    Some good observations. I agree with the missed calls indicator as well as the “live” icons. What I’d really like is a way to remove the OEM apps from the phone completely (such as Stocks or Weather).

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