I still can’t do an airwalk


Aljohn’s Beach shop in the Burnsville Center or Eau Claire Cycle? I don’t remember. But they were green. Airwalk NTS. Huge rubber ollie guard. Real skate shoes! I must have been in sixth grade. I remember some classmates at hunter’s safety course laughing at them. “His shoes are green!” Clearly they didn’t know.

Airwalks were to the coolest to me at that time. My NTS were followed by gold NTS 2, then tan Racers (they had a pair of white racing stripes on the bottom of the sole – genius!) and finally brown and black Ones. I had a pair of Airwalk Advantage snowboard boots in there somewhere too. About that time Airwalk lost its direction, their founder left and they were bought out. Airwalks were no longer the coolest. Instead, Reef Brazil and Duffs followed by éS and Emerica and settling on black Vans. But man, that jumpman logo! So much better than the other jumpman.

A few years later at university in Denver, Colorado, snowboarding would reunite me with Airwalk. While under the Tare 7 umbrella, Airwalk had headquarters in nearby Golden focused on snowboarding and sponsored our snowboard club. I got some socks and stickers and posters. Jump man stickers! Before I even finished school though they were pretty much finished again and destined to Payless stores.

Thanks for the Airwalk Prototypes link waiting for me in my IM window tonight. I’m old, my knee hurts and I did some ollies and kickflips on my patio the other day.


  1. majafa 20100212

    Not only Airwalks…but what happened to skate shoes in general? All of them now seem to be style over function…and the style isn’t even that good.

    I agree…that jumpman logo was one of the best ever.


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