Our EP is complete and in the wild. It could be argued that it took 2 years to create. 6 songs.


We have over 2 days of recordings of us playing music in a basement. Most of it is being loud hippies and just jamming. A significant chunk is attempting to replay and create actual songs. This is the result of playing for a few hours what works out to probably every other week for about a year. The other year was spent working out real recordings and sounds and mixes and so on. Can you tell this isn’t exactly a high priority project?

When you “jam” for a few hours you accumulate a lot of material. Perhaps mostly crap but hopefully a few gems as well. Finding them is hard and listening to all that can come close to being unbearable. But we picked our favorites, tossed stuff we once thought were favorites and probably missed a few good bits.


Now there is a website with the songs. There are 50 CDs printed. One of the goals of doing this was to have people hear it when it was completed. How do you promote something for a band that isn’t really a band? Whenever anything comes up about playing an instrument and someone asks if I’m in a band I say “a pseudo-band”. I get puzzled looks. We aren’t aiming to be a band. We don’t intend to play any shows. We play together at most once a week. We just want to record. It’s not just jamming in a basement but it is certainly a far cry from doing the band thing for real.

So given that, there seems to be a bit of a line of what is appropriate self-promotion of this beast. Sure, I’d love to tell everyone to go listen to it. But don’t get the impression you might see these songs played live any time soon. Or any related band-ish things to come from it.


We’re back to just playing not quite once a week rather than tracking a record not quite once a week. This time it’s a different process. Rather than spend the entire session playing new stuff, it’s hoped to come up with a starting point and create a song from it in that single day. No going home and listening to 3 hours of jams. Instead, go home and listen to the single 5 minute track. All recorded live.

Left behind

If we had finished this in a more timely fashion I wouldn’t feel bad about creating a site that was intended to be viewed with Flash enabled. Rough week for Flash. However, SoundManager 2 coupled with javascript and a canvas tag make for some fun learning and a neat audio player visualization. Unfortunately, given current implementations of the audio tag spec, this couldn’t have been created without Flash. The audio tag has no waveform or spectrum data. Yet. Maybe the next record? I almost rewrote the player to fallback to the audio tag if Flash wasn’t available. However, given the pain of MP3 vs OGG format support in current implementations, I opted to leave the direct links to the content.

And that’s all



  1. majafa 20100202

    Sounds great. I have my favourite songs.

  2. matches 20100202

    I liked it a very lot.

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