The good of the RMLS pop


The great thing about real estate listings is that they are available in many formats from many websites. The terrible thing is most of those formats aren’t very useful and most of those websites think it is still 1999. Yes, there are some very wonderfully crafted and usable sites as well but somehow MLS photos and content don’t all make it to them. Some stays tucked away in member only or 1999 websites.

Oregon has RMLS. It pulls listing information directly from the MLS data store. And manages to snag the highest resolution photos. However, the photo viewer launches in a popup and scales the img with HTML attributes to shrink it down. Photos are the best part! Display them as accurate as possible! Never to mind the impossibility of linking directly to a listing.

Shortscuts and bookmarklets

Here’s my way of getting every photo attached to a listing at its default size armed with an MLS number and Firefox.

  1. Create a quick search that points to the photo viewer url. This is otherwise displayed in a popup. Note the %s in the URL. That takes the search parameter.
  2. Set a keyword for the quick search. “photo” perhaps?
  3. Add this bookmarklet to your bookmarks. I prefer to create a keyword for it as well instead of showing a bookmarks toolbar, but either works. “big” is nice.

Tools in place, ready for action. Enter the quick search keyword and an MLS number to get the photo page. This example works for the time being, but once sold, it’s going to die. So if it comes up empty, try an active listing. Once loaded, enter the keyword for the image size fix or click the bookmarklet. Instant embiggening! Since the page loads in new images with javascript, it never does a full reload keeping all the images in the gallery full size. Bonus: you have a direct url to the images if you’d like to share with someone.

Clean and big and no mousing around.

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