When my phone died in May I needed a temporary phone to get me through June. Local stores that specialize in selling and activating used phones seemed sketchy enough. I may have found a better deal on Craigslist but couldn’t convince myself it was worth the potential hassle. Sprint is touchy about clearing ESN numbers. A phone with any sort of unpaid bill associated with it isn’t going to get a fresh activation without paying up first. Same goes for stolen phones.

I purchased an old Sanyo phone at store – a real tubby one no less – and enjoyed the dancing polar bear on the screen for a little over a month until getting a little mobile computer that is also apparently able to make phone calls on cellular networks. The temporary phone got cast aside while dealing with Sprint to officially get the account closed. After all, I couldn’t sell it until the ESN was clear.

By then I forgot about the phone. Digging through stuff recently I happened across it and thought it might be an easy way to get some lunch money. I took it back to the store I bought it from in hopes to sell it back. They ran it through their algorithms to calculate its value: recycle. Looks like I’m going hungry this week.

Even tubbier bitch

Even tubbier bitch. 1 comment.

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