When I was in high school I got a charcoal hoodie at Kmart. You maybe wouldn’t expect it of Kmart but it turns out it was best fitting, lasting, weight and color hoodie ever made. Evgnar made. Around the same time I happened across an ALL t-shirt at the local second hand store. There were a few punk rockers in my small hometown. I didn’t really know much of ALL’s music but it was a cool shirt that shared the artwork of their record ALLroy’s Revenge and it was (faded) black and pink and it was too small for me to feel comfortable in.

So I cut it up, put the logo on the back of my awesome hoodie, “ALLroy’s” on the left front pocket of my awesome hoodie and “Revenge” on the right front pocket of my awesome hoodie. Then I proceeded to wear my awesome hoodie for a good 10 years, feeling tuff with my fist in those pockets and trying to replace it every now and again with no luck.

In September 2008 I wore my awesome hoodie while blazing trails in the hillsides of Big Sur only to absorb a massive amount of poison oak. No amount of soaking in Tecnu followed by hot washes seemed to remove the poison oils from the cuffs so the awesome hoodie spent the next 12 months in tied shut in a plastic grocery bag in the corner of my room.

A couple weeks ago I noticed the bag and decided to give the hoodie another try – the weather is just right for it. And it’s awesome and doesn’t belong tied up in a grocery bag. At first everything seemed fine. No itchiness. A couple days in that started to change as my hands and arms were feeling the attack of poison oak oils again. All in my head? Maybe. But I swear I saw what looked like the beginning of bumpies on the back of my hand.

And so a perfectly awesome hoodie is once again tied shut in a plastic grocery bag in the corner of my room. I’m not sure if I should just finally let go and destroy it or hold faith that one day it’ll be wearable again. Or manage to find a reasonable replacement.

After giving the hoodie a chance this last month I found out last week that ALL was playing a one-off show in town. And not just ALL. The ALL. Scott Reynolds ALL. ALLroy’s Revenge ALL. $20! I missed it.


  1. majafa 20091006

    don’t throw it out…keep it, maybe soak it in something…eventually give it another try

  2. matches 20091007

    What if you freeze it?

  3. cr 20091013

    I love this post! It’s so full of passion. I say keep the hoodie and someday it will be wearable again. Maybe when you’re 90 and need something awesome to wear with your aluminum frame walker. You’ll be the coolest old dude out there.

  4. maryfa 20091017

    Mmmm, that’s hard to believe that it still causes bumpies.

  5. Anonymous 20091113

    The ALL? Hardly. I will grant you “Allroy’s Revenge” was one of ALL’s best albums, but Scott Reynolds is not on par with Chad Price. Also, shame the devil that anyone would cut up a perfectly fine ALL t shirt to adorn their hooded sweatshirt. You should’ve just lost some weight so that the shirt would adequately fit over your titties.

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