Bike commute challenge


September was Bike Commute Challenge month. I managed to ride my bike 95% of my work days. I missed one. Now I get 10% off on a set of fenders.

But. Why September? I think it’d be better to have these sort of events in spring as they are real good at encouraging people to ride bike and get them in the habit of riding bike. Doing it in September just leads into the colder, wetter, winter months which discourage riding. And people fall back out of the habit and never get into it again until the next bike commute challenge 11 months later. I’m likely to be one of those people.

Today, the first of October, I rode my bike despite the challenge being over.


  1. majafa 20091004

    we ran a story on the news that today (10/3) is national mountain bike day…weird.

  2. matches 20091007

    I agree with all of this. April or May would’ve been a more logical month.

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