Cause punk rock is still fun


Ten years ago if I was going to see a band play chances are they played some variety of punk rock music. Likely a touch of pop mixed in. That habit faded away as I began feeling like they were all the same show, over and over. It’s not that I completely gave up on the music rather tastes and habits changed. Variety was added. Now if I go to a show it’s likely for a band that doesn’t have vocals, probably has some sort of electronic aspect and has a particular musical quality that amazes me. Less dudes rocking just for fun/a cause and more dudes rocking for musical reasons.

The other night I saw Dillinger Four play. “Fun” hardly does justice.

  1. We just do it better in the Midwest. Sorta miss that sometimes, but gotta say the Northwest is a close second.
  2. Just the right mix of pop, punk, musical ability and lyrical content.
  3. Usually (seemingly drunken) between song banter annoys me – less talk, more rock. Paddy’s got me laughing. Thank you. Loosely quoted:
    1. “All the bands on the Warped Tour are Christian bands. Even the metal bands. We’re starting the Church of Batman.”
    2. “I never want another white president.”
    3. “This song is about stealing from work.”
    4. “I’m playing the G string. Now I’m going to turn around so you can’t see the top secret stuff I’m playing that is going to make us rich.”
    5. “We are old.”
    6. “Someone’s out of tune. Are you out of tune? Nope. It’s me.”
  4. Punk rock bands can play really good.

I only have one of their albums which I don’t listen to much anymore and hadn’t seen them play live before. It was an hour or so period of a head nodding followed by laughter loop from the balcony. Yes, the balcony. I’m old too. There’s too much sweat and action in the front row. Remember, these kids are punk rockers.


  1. jb 20090921

    i saw them for the first time last summer during some political concert thing here in mpls. they put on a good show and seemed like some genuinely good dudes.

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