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I never had any issues with Sprint in the 5 years I had mobile service with them. I got a good rate and never had any service issues. And it was mighty nice to be contract free for the last 3 years. If they had the phone I wanted now I wouldn’t have switched.

Since attempting to terminate my service with them a month and a half ago I’ve had to make 5 calls: get the service ended, actually get the service ended, actually get the service ended for real, dispute a bill for time after the service was actually ended for real and finally dispute an overdue notice for the disputed bill for time after the service was actually ended for real. And now, for a third time, my account balance is supposedly $0 and my service is terminated.

Note: when you pay your monthly service fee in advance of the actual usage, you should not need to pay again after termination. If anything, you should get a credit for time already paid for.

When first asked why I was ending my service I said because I wanted a phone that they did not offer. The representative argued the Palm Pre would be a better phone and had better rate plans. At the time I was honest in my reply that I might consider returning in 2 years after the WebOS platform had some time to mature as it does look very promising. Not going to happen anymore.


  1. matches 20090825

    Ouch. Seems like Sprint is different things to different people. I always had good luck with their customer service, but their coverage sucked after we moved.

    I’d wager that the reason I didn’t have the service-ending problems was because I kept my old number when I moved to AT&T, so they didn’t have a number they could try to charge me for.

  2. cr 20090906

    You nailed that one. I figure there’s at least five different people that have to approve your cancellation and none of them talk to each other so that’s why you have to call back so often. It sounds very similar to the stories I hear from people who call Charter to have their cable bill adjusted.

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