I remember how impressed I was when I first realized I could simple hit N or Y to get through the “Would you like to save this file” dialog in Adobe Photoshop. My keyboard did exactly what I wanted it to. I wondered if it was just a Mac thing or just Adobe thing or not so unique at all (not a Mac thing, not just an Adobe thing, less and less unique as the years pass).

I just noticed the command works as expected in the Safari address bar and had a similar moment of glee. If you enter a new URL in the address bar of the current tab you are viewing and hold command when hitting return, the url opens in a background tab. You know, just like you’d expect it to given that is what happens when you command + click a link. Firefox, please?

Apple apps aren’t always UI smart. Mac OS X system dialogs drive me nuts. For example, the shutdown dialog has cancel and shutdown. It defaults to cancel having the glow (suggesting is it selected / active as all form elements in OS X do) and shutdown is colored to the current theme. Tabbing moves the glow between the buttons. However, no matter which has the glow, hitting return acts as a click on the colored button. In this case, even though cancel looks selected, the machine shuts down. Worse in this case, seems you’d want to make the actively commit to the shutdown process so cancel should be the default action.

Then again I’m no IA sorta fella.


  1. matches 20090825

    I would love it if all dialogue boxes behaved like Adobe’s. So easy.

  2. waytoocrowded 20090825

    Are you mocking my sans ue dialogs? Saving letters is the new being green.

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