The problem with having a phone that’s useful for more stuff than just talking on is that I end up standing at public transit stops with it in hand doing said useful stuff. The unfortunate part of this is it attracts the attention of those around me. I’ve been queried for “just a quick phone call” way too many times in the last three weeks – something that almost never happened when my phone lived primarily in my pocket. It’s been suggested I just constantly wear the ear buds, even if not actually listening to music.* Perhaps worth it to discourage interruption.

  1. I’m out of minutes for this month.
  2. It’s not a phone.
  3. I’m dialing a call right now.
  4. Business phone. Can only make calls to those in business provided address book.
  5. In the middle of mission critical work. Do not disturb.
  6. No.


  1. Tim 20090723

    I think “No.” is sufficient.

    It seems kinda rude for people to even ask, although people ask for all sorts of things when you’re waiting for the train.

    Don’t beat yourself up over it. :)

  2. majafa 20090724

    you sure they want to make a call or just get it in their hands and run off with it? i agree, “No” is good enough answer. follow “no” with any random profanity to further show who’s in charge…or you could always use the always reliable “Que? Que? no hablo ingles…no comprendo, lo siento”

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