The dreaded new number


I recently changed phone numbers. Three years of living in Portland and I was still rocking a Wisconsin phone number. So it goes. It wasn’t a concern for me of letting my contacts know I have a new number that prevented switching sooner but rather the fear of the previous owner of a newly assigned number failing to let their contacts know it’s no longer theirs. Number turnover is rapid. That, and I rather liked my Wisconsin number.

The other day a call came up from a number not in my contact list. I immediately assumed trouble and feared answering it. Turns out it was just a friend’s landline number that I didn’t previously know existed. Landline, funny. Today, another unknown number with less fortunate results. Let’s not make a habit of this.

Terry: please propagate your new number/cancellation of your old number to all your contacts. Thanks.


  1. majafa 20090724

    i thought companies were supposed to wait 6 months to re-assign numbers

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