I nap* in positions I’d never consider attempting when going to sleep for the night. I don’t have a single magic sleep position (that IKEA pillow finder is useless to me), but rather some preferences; some defaults.

But napping is entirely different. There are no defaults. Maybe it’s because I know hope I won’t be there long. Or because I know there is no alarm clock counting down the minutes I left to get all the sleep needed to function for another day – no pressure! Or maybe I nap in places and at times that my mind doesn’t already have preconceived ideas of how the process should work. It’s not a common sleep position to lay with head in hands on keyboard so it works for naps.

Or maybe I’m just that tired.


  1. majafa 20090712

    i enjoy napping with my head against the carpeted wall, sitting in a rolling chair in front of the audio board at work…until someone comes along and gives the chair a push, at which time i nearly fall on the floor.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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