Shift+a is the best


I’ve been using Google Reader for quite a few months now after finally tiring of Bloglines’ glitches. It took a short break in period but I was soon asking myself “why didn’t I switch when this was released?”

  1. Plentiful keyboard shortcuts. Mouse not required.
  2. Simple drag and drop reorder
  3. No more stuck feeds!
  4. Quick update propagation
  5. Tolerable without custom skin. Even better with some custom UI minimizations.
  6. Pop open media files
  7. Click makes read

But then

I prefer to leave my RSS reader logged in but not my mail so used a different login from my Gmail address. But. This make quickly checking my email without logging out of Reader impossible. And no, a Reader app using Fluid doesn’t make sense to me – might as well just use a real desktop aggregator application.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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