Is it unreasonable to think we will in fact run out of disk space sometime in the future, be it solid-state, platters or some future technology? When the idea of landfills started it was inconceivable that they should ever fill, right?

You know those statistics about how a 8 million blogs are created every day? Or 8 years of video uploaded every minute? Or 8 gazillion megapixels are snapped every second? Well, how many blogs or articles are read at for the very last time ever each day? And videos viewed for the very last time ever every minute? And photos galleried for the very last time ever every second?

Link rot is gross. Archives are great. But there is a point of diminishing returns. Some things will never be found again. Yet they use up resources that which may seem infinite now may not really be. How does massive archives impact CPU performance and general latency? Heat? Power consumption? All wasted on a pixelated shaky-cam video clip that will never be watched again.

Abandoned social network accounts. Discarded RSS reader subscriptions. 140 characters. Corporate email servers. Exchange. Dead repositories. Just keep spinning.

How many questions is too many to start a post with?


  1. sally 20090527

    link rot sounds gross

  2. sally 20090527

    well… anything with the word rot pretty much sounds gross

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