Names without words


I’m pretty sure I once read an interview with Rick Valentin of rock bands Poster Children and Salaryman in which he talks about another interview he did which inquired about the song naming process for Salaryman. Salaryman songs have no lyrics, so where does a name come from?

I prefer instrumental music. Usually. A good instrumental song is more interesting than a good song with lyrics. Listening to instrumentation is better than listening to a story. Or so I keep telling myself, perhaps because I can neither sing nor write words.

But names. After four hours of listen to music, if three were all instrumentals and one was music with lyrics, chances are I’d be able to list the names of more songs with lyrics than without. I tend to never look beyond the typographic characteristics of track listing on album art and without lyrics (often even with) I never learn them – “Number five on this album is awesome!” And that’s the best I know.

Maybe that was audio too

That quote I swear I read, perhaps I heard it on the Radio Zero podcast he co-hosts. Another reason for text equivalents of all content.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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