What? What? What? Disconnect.


I’ve never been a fan of talking on the phone but it works well for quickly initiating some other conversation/action. Land lines worked. And still work – just no one uses them. Cell phones worked when they had antennas sticking out of them.

Today, cell phones don’t work for talking. Or my ears are shot. I’m not interested in having conversations with Darth Vader that are interrupted every 10 seconds to shoddy reception. And this is in a city! I swear my cell phone experience was better four years ago living in a smaller city stuck in rural Wisconsin. Or. Phones were just better then. Or. More people were on land lines. I dread phone calls now not because I don’t want to hear from people but I know the entire time I’m attempted to talk to them I’m going to longing for them to be on a land line.

My Tubby Bitch™ on Sprint is better at voice than any phone available today. I swear. Your phone/service is worthless for having a conversation. But my Tubby Bitch™ doesn’t do texts* or internet or whatever else – the things phones are good at today – so I’m left with no one to play with. And annoyed any time I do try to play.

And that’s just my technology complaint about phones, never mind usage habits.


  1. sally 20090406

    i wanted to check out your tubby bitch but nothing came up. too bad, sounded quite interesting. however, maybe it’s the city that you are in??? i have no problems whatsoever with my phone…. but then again i don’t have the internet on it and mine is a little older. a long time ago when i first got a cellphone i was talking to my brother in law and our phones switched. i ended up talking to a hispanic lady that was talking about her nails and him to some guy… and i was confused as hell. i guess i’d rather be just disconnected in general then to listen to someone talk about their manicure!

  2. sally 20090413

    “accidently” switching phone signals to avoid annoying callers…. i wish there was an ap for that! nah, i wish i could afford an iphone… they do neat things… they are like magic to me, because i no no technology so well.

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