I’m fine with tabs in the title bar


Location bars in browsers need to be smart. Not just Awesome Bar™ smart – that’s great too, though hideous – but memory smart. I like tabs. I like the internet. I like hyperlinks! But sometimes I know a hyperlink is going to open a page that will resize my window or start playing music or initialize a movie. And sometimes I don’t want it to happen in a new tab right now but soon. Like after I’m done with ten other tabs. So copy link, open new tab, paste the url into the location bar, finish the ten other tabs, go back, hit enter, the page loads and something starts playing. Or whatever.

Now do that in Safari 4. Except when you are finished with the ten other tabs that new tab that is supposed to be waiting with the pre-filled location bar is sitting there with an empty location bar.

Dumb. Did all Safaris do that?


  1. sally 20090331

    i don’t know what safari i have but i don’t hink that happens…. does it?? but safari is pretty stupid…. thank god you had me download firefox… or i would never be able to read my email!!! and there’s other things that work on firefox for me that don’t on safari!! i just think that tool bars should do more in general… like read your mind!

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