Daylight switch 2009


Remember when the arrival of the year 2000 was going to make every electronic device in the world implode? I witnessed no such events. This week a simple daylight time switch seems to have done significantly more damage.

When I tried springing the clock on my stove ahead, it wouldn’t have it. Rather, it just kept jumping back every minute I tried to move it forward. I eventually left it at whatever random time it landed on. Later that night the timer randomly went off. I left it be for a couple days then tried setting the time again. No luck, just more random timer alerts. Unplugged and left it for a day. Plugged it back in, timer goes off and display panics. Clocks are awesome.

Monday when I got to work I found the display on my desk phone screaming for help. My one hope was that the phone itself was not functional. Sadly, still a dial tone, still incoming calls, still voicemail. At least it makes for a conversation piece.

And now?

The phone display is still scrambled. The stove is in a loop of jumping from 8:00 to a timer setting of 7 hours and 20 minutes to a four second count down and then going off. Yeah. Time to unplug.


  1. sally 20090319

    bahahahaha!!!! that is soooooo awesome… i think it has more to do with your electro static energy than much else… i didn’t get to witness any said events here:( bums me out. i really get into that crap….. or maybe it is part of a vendetta that has just been waiting to take place…. i’m watching you outside your window right now!!! muhahahahah…. okay, i’m too cheap to even make that possible…. until next time!

  2. sally 20090319

    ps-what music are you listening to with that stove timer video??

  3. waytoocrowded 20090319

    Oh? Didn’t watch the whole video? My stove timer bores you? I see how it is. It’s the song Invisible by Winter Gloves, as heard on the CBC Radio 3 podcast #199.

  4. sally 20090323

    no… i doesn’t bore me… it intrigues me. i like how you send me all over the place on the internet by connecting me up to random stuff. trying to take me into your realm of technological wizardry! well… i guess i’ll have a little of that. this “CBC Radio” seems alright… although i don’t really know what it’s for or what it does or if i’m suppose to do something special… i just think that it seems okay. ps- i think you were trying to start a fight… that’s all… those words were to provoke me…. lay down the hammer son, i’m ready to fight!

Too bad it still rings

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