FlashBlock vs the Internet


The release of clicktoflash for Safari last month triggered a lot of talk about blocking Flash, the annoyance removal and the performance boost. There has been a FlashBlock extension available for Firefox for a long time. I never tried it because I just assumed Flash wasn’t getting in my way that much. I was wrong.

With so many people claiming their love for clicktoflash I decided I must be missing something – or perhaps getting more than I asked for would be more accurate. I installed it and went about my interneting. And it was nice. Everything felt faster and cleaner and less annoying. A nice sort of internet. Like pre blink tag internet.

There’s one catch. The add-on has an issue with injecting the SWF in the event you actually want to play it. The band Don Caballero is coming to town and not realizing they were even a band anymore I wanted to hear some of their current music. Go MySpace. Thankfully FlashBlock blocked half the page’s content. The music player of course had to be triggered. After listening for a bit I closed the tab in the middle of a song. However, the music kept playing. And playing. Until I finally quit Firefox and relaunched. Seems it’s a known bug with the extension. It also happens just by entering a new url in the address bar while on a page playing audio. A bit inconvenient but preventable if you remember to stop the audio before moving on.

Playing some music on MySpace reminded me why FlashBlock exists. Not just to block obnoxious slideshows or videos. But after a few songs, the music player was stopped and replaced with an advertisement that required interaction to continue listening to the band’s player. Thanks ad based revenue. Yer the best.


  1. sally 20090213

    hmmmm… i’m gonna hafta think on this one. sounds like something i’d wanna do… but why? and i don’t think i’m man enough.

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