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I first heard about Instapaper a long time ago. Seems it was shortly after it launched but maybe I am kidding myself. It seemed useful, I tried it, forgot my username and moved on always meaning to try again.

I have this problem with RSS

I like RSS a lot. But sometimes I get too excited about too many things and suddenly have twenty open tabs waiting to be read. Depending on Firefox to save my sessions day to day is dangerous (assuming those tabs actually have worthwhile content in them) – especially in OS X. Quiting Firefox and launching again will save the session though closing the last window will not. Heartbreak. I could bookmark all those items but I have a habit of never going back to my bookmarks. Might as well lose the session.

I have this problem with convenience

I like it when I don’t have to try very hard to use the internet. Or remember parts of the internet. Instapaper has a real convenient bookmarklet that instantly saves the current page capturing the title and all. Combine this with Firefox’s ability to add a keyword to a bookmarklet and it becomes as easy to Instapaper a page as it does to bookmark it in the browser.

I have this problem with customizing things

Despite Instapaper’s already simple interface, it was still too much. Custom user styles, please. Download it if you like and import into your userContent.css file.

I have this solution to my problem

Instapaper is my new homepage. It loads fast and gives me content I’m interested in. about:blank has been my homepage for the last five years. This is new to me.

Not only does this solve my too many tabs problem, it also makes it easier for me to find something cool at work but read it at home later. I considered not using Instapaper at all and instead doing something locally to generate a start page from a specific folder within the browsers bookmarks. That just doesn’t make sense considering the portability of using something web based, severe failtures withstanding.

I have this problem where I feel like I’m cheating

I started using Instapaper like this about two weeks ago. Today an advertisement showed up. Why? Surprise, Instapaper is growing. I’m removing all the branding. I’m hiding the ad. Am I not being a good Instapaperer?


  1. jb 20090209

    nice find on the nasa wallpapers. the flying boner one is my fave:

  2. sally 20090209

    JB… you would. waytoocrowded… sounds like you have too many problems. must be a complex issue? i have a problem with not understanding half the crap on this webpage. go back to subjects like socks… something that everyday people can latch onto and feel like they belong. did i say you had a complex problem? hmmmm…

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