The best socks

  1. are black
  2. are thin
  3. are shaped properly
  4. are reasonably priced
  5. are just the right height
  6. maintain shape after many washings
  7. retain color after many washings
  8. look nice outside of shoes
  9. can be purchased within walking distance
  10. are Silver Toe®, a Gold Toe® brand


  1. jb 20090113

    pretty much agree with all ten points. have never rocked the silver toes but im gold toez 4 lyfe.

  2. cr 20090113

    I also have not tried the Silver Toes, but I’m wearing Gold Toes right now and they are quite nice.

  3. matches 20090114

    I feel clueless here in my Hanes. Links plz?

  4. majafa 20090121

    i like my grey socks. gold toe and silver toe?

  5. waytoocrowded 20090122

    Apparently it’s a lot easier to find the good Silver Toe socks at Sears than it is to find them online or even the Sears website for that matter. Gold Toe has a website from 1996 I guess.

  6. matches 20090122

    BUYING STUFF ONLINE???? What is this, 2003?

  7. matches 20090122

    And by that I mean 2003 from the perspective of someone in the past, not 2003 as viewed by someone in 2009.

  8. sally 20090207

    i hate black socks… i think they are very unattractive and gross. whoever wrote about their hanes right on brother! i wear hanes socks almost exclusively…. except for when it’s so cold i hafta wear some winter wear. also… sometimes ppl like to give socks for gifts all the time, with patterns on them… like skulls, or hearts or, something of the sort and they are thin. thin socks are not good… i blow a hole in them almost instantaneously. i know what you’re thinkin…. why dont you just clip your toenails?? the fact of the matter is i can’t! hahaha just kidding… the fact is i do, but my toes turn up. maybe i’m part munchkin… im not sure… but when these feet bust through the rubber tips on a pair of chuck taylors.. but not through hanes socks… you know that THAT is real quality. on the further subject of socks… the creepiest grossest sock ever is the ankle sock. it really turns me off.

  9. waytoocrowded 20090208

    Such is the magic of Silver Toes – thin but strong enough to keep your munchkin toes covered. And black.

  10. sally 20090209

    maybe if they made a WHITE silver toes sock … then i’d be willing to cave in, but seeing as how they are black… ewww… ewwww… see it just made my skin crawl and shudder. at least they are not ankle socks. i’m still pretty sure that matches is the coolest sock wearer on this jizzoint. ps- i really think this has been my favorite post thus far. i ACTUALLY know something that you are talking about. pps- did you rocck the silver or gold toes back home? inquiring minds want to know. thanks.

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