There’s snow! Right outside my door!


I like winter. Wisconsin winter. Living in Denver I could see snow in the Rockies but rarely outside my door. In Portland, snow on Hood but even less so in town. Rain, sure. Snow, not so much. It’s snowing and blowing and icing and wintering this week. And I like it. Mostly.


  1. Snow. Outside my door.
  2. Shoveling (shoveling!) a spot to stomp off my feet to avoid bringing snow in inside.
  3. Wearing old blown-out snowboard boots for walking down streets.
  4. Puffed up birds.
  5. Frozen. Everything.
  6. The worst smelling food service ever being closed while stopping by the mall Radioshack.
  7. Didn’t make any holiday travel plans.
  8. Dogs with the biggest dog smiles ever.
  9. Snow. Outside my door.
  10. Silence. Fewer people out. Fewer cars out. And the snow dampens the sound of the MAX to near stealthiness.


  1. Safeway sold out of hot chocolate mix.
  2. Buzz words – Arctic Blast! Snowpocalypse! Snowmageddon!
  3. Frozen switches.


  1. matches 20081221

    Shoveling??? Did you move?

  2. waytoocrowded 20081221

    Nope. My apartment opens directly to the outside world. And by shoveling I’m talking the equivalent of two sidewalk blocks. Does that even count?

  3. matches 20081223

    I guess it kind of does. That’s about the extent of shoveling I’d like to do, ideally.

  4. majafa 20081226

    I believe when i was there both FOX and KGW were using the titles “Artic Blast 2008″ while KOIN was using “Deep Freeze”…and it was about 22 degrees!

    Wearing snowboard boots? Like the people we thought were funny that were wearing big snowpants and stuff?

    anways…it looks like i got out of there just in time, or else who knows, i might still be stuck at PDX haha. and grrrr to the MAX switches

  5. waytoocrowded 20081228

    Boots and snowpants were funny with just a few flurries in the air but 8 inches of snow on the sidewalks and streets plus an inch of water/slush underneath they become quite appropriate.

Frozen? In Portland?

Frozen? In Portland?. 0 comments.

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