Selling the sizzle


Marketing makes my stomach hurt. And my head. And my ears. My nose drips. My eyes itch. My feet swell. It huuwwwrts. But. I like seeing progress in the battle that is making the internet a better place.*

I depend on Firefox extensions. Mostly for work related bits but also for enjoyment and making the internet do more. Given all the other browser choices, the suite of extensions developed for Firefox is what keeps me using it with barely a consideration for anything else. Extensions get you hooked beyond the basic browser functions. Needless to say, I see them as a huge selling point and reason for switching to Firefox from any other browser.**

But the average user doesn’t know about extensions, doesn’t want to deal with searching them out or is afraid of them thanks to over zealous spyware panic. The Mozilla folks recently announced Fashion Your Firefox which will hopefully get users to start using extensions, fall in love and tell all their friends. The thoughtfully packaged bundles install a group of similarly targeted extensions from an already trusted source, Mozilla. Gone is the barrier of seeking them out.

Now if only more people knew about the Fashion Your Firefox site or ever downloaded Firefox in the first place. Perhaps as people find it they will talk and convince their reluctant friends.

The best part: the page isn’t cluttered with any extensions aimed at nerds.


  1. sally 20081120

    selling the sizzle… easy steps
    1. get sizzle (hopefully at a reasonable prize… or for free is even better)
    2. get a pricing gun (if unavailable masking tape works)
    3. put a price on the sizzle
    4. watch it fly off the shelf
    5. cash money
    6. done.. and done

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