When up means down


Halfway through November means an increase in checking dates that fall into the next year. Calendar applications aside, on Windows double clicking the time in the taskbar is the quickest way to a calendar sans widgets. Which means I’ve been looking it at it more lately. While it isn’t meant to be a calendar reference so much as just a system date setting, an intuitive interface never hurts.

Date pickers are hard. Something is always obstructing other needed information. Each menu affects the next. And so on. Windows takes a pretty standard approach to it.*

Here’s the gripe: To advance the month, you click a down arrow. To advance the year, you click an up arrow. I mess this up 80% of the time and hesitate before getting it right the other 20%. The other let down: type “f” with the month menu activated and it jumps to February. Type “1″ on the year menu and nothing.

A 119 item list (1980-2099) might be a bit unwieldy but straightening out the arrow functionality makes sense. Year selectors with a small range that use a drop down have the future at the bottom and the past at the top. It’s an expectation.

Does Vista fix this? Did you see that slick jQuery timepickr?


  1. sally 20081119

    don’t assume things… some ppl don’t understand these things. be kind… please rewind.

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