Touch + Android vs iPhone


I was a bit underwhelmed with the iPhone 3g release. And even more underwhelmed with quality reports by those quick to get one. But the software sounds pretty fantastic.

Android has always sounded promising but I anticipated it’d never make me happy: all the software I’d want would likely be tied to the iPhone. Nice apps are built for OS X varieties and that is that. It’d be like buying another Windows machine – sure the hardware could be great but I couldn’t use the applications I wanted to making it lose any favorable qualities.

The recent flutter regarding updates to the iPod Touch have left me considering just what iPhone centric software would be missing from a device running Android. A rather quick look suggests it is really the apps that don’t have anything to do with phone functionality that I’d likely miss. Android will have a WebKit based browser, map support, etc. How the non-phone or data network dependent software produced by independent authors stacks up remains to be seen (or even, really, the final quality of OS apps) but I could see it plausible to have both an Android device for phone/data network capabilities and an iPod Touch for those other OS specific apps.

Given my current free-agent status in the world of mobile contracts, not having to commit to a new two year phone tie-in is an added bonus. And given the openness of the Android platform it could end up being that my assumption of all the good mobile software living in the Apple App Store could be wrong. All depending on that final Android software, hardware and Spring support of course.

But two devices in my pocket? Hmm…


  1. matches 20080830

    This recent flutter?

  2. matches 20080830

    I’m sorry. That wasn’t very constructive at all.

  3. waytoocrowded 20080831

    Constructive in that it makes me think for two seconds about what that link means. If the revenue went straight to the WebKit Open Source Project I’d be down for it. But I suspect it goes to Apple and given their already high profit margins and broad focus (compared to Mozilla) it loses any efficacy.

  4. sally 20080901

    ha… you know what phone is really cool?? a payphone. i seen someone using one the other day! yeah… they still have them…. they’re gonna make a comeback like records and rollerskates… well records for sure. payphone… remember that word.

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