Say for whatever reason you decide to join one of those online social networks that are all the rage this year. Which option would you select given a choice at initial signup? Would it change after settling in a bit?

  1. Other users can’t see that you have viewed their profile but you also don’t get to see who has viewed yours
  2. Others can see you’ve viewed their profile and you can see who has viewed yours

Of course if everyone but you chooses the first option, your choosing of the second option does no good. After all, nobody viewing your profile is allowing that information to be cataloged.

As excited as I get about stats, I’d rather that initially I can roam about the network to see the sort of people using it and how they are using it without my tracks being traced. It gives the opportunity to see if this is a place you really want to be before letting others know you are there. There’s more value in that than in seeing who stumbled across my profile right away and didn’t bother intentionally letting me know or in seeing other n00bs testing the water that might not make a commitment to the network anyway. After that initial settling in though, well, I really do like line graphs.


  1. sally 20080424

    i say forget line graphs… i like stealth mode… and i don’t want to know who is checking out my business anyhow… or let anyone find any trace of me anywhere… unless i intentionally drop a line so they know. stealth mode.. i thought that was what the blank panther was all about…. maybe i have misjudged him?

  2. waytoocrowded 20080427

    Stealth mode indeed, your judgment is correct.

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