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Earlier tonight a colleague and I talked at the monthly PDX Web Innovators meeting about the merits of WordPress as a viable CMS despite its blog upbringing. The night also saw presentations on Expression Engine and Drupal. It’s probably just due to my familiarity with WP but I would still lean towards it as a CMS for smallish websites. In some cases perhaps even lbiggish ones.

It’s simple. And that’s nice.

The talk was focused on ways to expand its CMSiness rather than discussing setting up a basic WordPress blog – code snippets, menuing, using pages, custom fields as structured content, plugins, administration, etc. As a presentation tool and demo we put together a quick site in a CMS fashion. All the notes and snippets are hanging out over there including a download of the theme files. Again, quick site, quick presentation – don’t expect too much.


  1. matches 20080403

    Rad. I look forward to checking this out further when I have a moment.

  2. majafa 20080404

    quick site don’t expect too much? ha! there’s more info and content on that than i have on my own. looks nice too.

  3. sally 20080411

    i don’t know why i ever bother to comment… you never respond… i guess you don’t read these, ‘cuz i’m pretty sure i asked a question in my last one. i wouldn’t look forward to checking this out when I have a moment…. there’s no info and it looks terrible…. you don’t have colleagues, so don’t even pretend that you do… you’ve never ever seen a presentation on Expression Engine and/or Drupal… you have no knowlege in computers, there is no such thing as a smallish or lbiggish website, nothing is simple.. EVER… the talk was terrible and sporatic, basically there was no focus on ways to expand it’s CMSiness or anything for that matter… don’t worry, i won’t expect too much… actually i won’t expect anything, because i’m not gonna bother to check it out.

  4. sally 20080411

    ps-you’re radical.

  5. waytoocrowded 20080412


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