I wear headphones all day at work. Lately I’ve been coming home from work and wearing headphones all night. I used to prefer foregoing headphones for speakers for the benefit of comfort but am now favoring the isolation factor. I hear nothing but what I choose to pump through the tether. I don’t my heavy-footed neighbor coming and going. I don’t hear the refrigerator running. I don’t hear my phone vibrating. It is nice. At home. Where I am already isolated. I still prefer to hear the noise around me while out and about. Perhaps that will change and I will soon join the ranks of ear bud zombies.

This does not hold true for playing bass. I would still much prefer to rattle dishes in the cupboard than wear headphones.


Two years ago when this site looked significantly different and I refused to touch Flickr this photo was used as a header. I liked it better that way.


  1. majafa 20080327

    I like headphones because I always hear more parts in the music with headphones. For example, listen to a Garbage album with headphones…you’ll hear things you never knew were there before layered in the music.

    I like to hear things personally. I tried wearing headphones walking around UWEC, but I felt I was missing out on things, so opted for no music. At home alone I like to hear things, I even turn my stereo down.

    The only place I would love isolation from the world is listening to music on airplanes…seriously, trying to listen to the CMPWs session was over-powered by the roar of engines and airsteam.

  2. sally 20080328

    okay… i CAN actually comment on this. i try to wear headphones and i do for the exact same isolation factor… getting on the bus… the weird kid throwing a series of chains up and down and then cupping his hands around them and blowing on them to warm them up or something and then rubbing his hands together around the series of chains and then tossing them lightly in the air again, and looking around to see if the whole world has been impressed with the best show of chain throw they’re ever gonna experience in their life. this way, his eye contact does nothing to me… nor does the singing man on the corner with a cup to collect my money… my money does not go into the cup, and he still smiles at me… because … oops i can’t hear that he’s asking for money because i’m listening to music and the world is whatever i make of it. how much it adds to making everything seem better than it really is… just like in a movie…. the movie would suck if there was no music to create a mood. but the one problem that i have with the headphones is that when people are around… i start to think that maybe i’m breathing loudly… and because of that i start to hold my breath… and that CAUSES me to really breath heavy… and so people are probably looking at someone who has ear pones in and sounds like a fat man running up stairs having a heart attack. i’m just might be that annoying person on the bus that is breathing too loud….why?!!! does this mean that i should discontinue the headphone use while outdoors? inquiring people want to know… hehehehahahhah… oh is this thing still on?

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