Hardware hacking is expensive


I’ve recently been acting on my interest in DIY guitar bass effects pedals. It took six months to go from idea to action due to not having the materials ready at my finger tips. Or that’s my excuse. Being used to accomplishing ideas by sitting in front of a computer hacking lines of code made having to order a specific list of parts and purchase a number of tools a huge barrier. There’s no instant gratification that first night of project work. Rather, that first night is mustering up an order that’ll take at least a week to show up at your door but shows within minutes on your bank account summary.

Granted if you don’t have a computer starting to code is going to be mighty expensive. But if you do, it is free. You could even learn to code on a public machine you don’t have admin rights on. Mistakes are free. Tools are free. Resources are free. And so on. Not with hardware.

It reminds me of Polaroids. There is something magical about them that makes shooting more fun than with a digital camera (or other film camera for that matter, err, maybe not a Lomo, that might be fun too). But they are expensive. Building hardware is magical. But expensive. At first I thought it was just because I know so much less about it however there are more programming languages than I could even count that I know nothing about yet they have zero appeal by comparison. It’s nice to build something physical once in a while.

Take that cloud computing.


  1. majafa 20080320

    In my opinion…anything you can physically touch when the project is finished is more fun. Taking pictures with a digicam is found, but you see the picture. Taking Polaroids and then being able to instantly hold the picture in your hand…fun.

    Typing in computer code…interesting to look at and results can be fun. Building effects pedals, guitars, pedal boards…more fun because you can see/touch/use/handle the actual project, rather than just look at it on screen.

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