I’m just a weekend warrior


It’s a fact: I rode snowboard more each season while I was going to school than I have in the last three. Or at least spent more time in the air.

  1. There is a right and wrong way to stop at the side of a trail to tell your bros about your sick daffy. You don’t want to get run over and nobody wants to run you over. I swear.
  2. Trail map design is failed. Start over. Make a card sized version. Or even a two page bookish thing. I heard there is a new SDK out there. Opening up a folded map on a chairlift with gloves on in the wind is impossible. This is why when the snow melts so many gloves and trail maps are uncovered.
  3. There are currently zero allergies on Mt. Hood. There are currently many allergies in Portland.


  1. matches 20080310

    I bet you could a build a site for mobile browsers that has handy small-sized versions of said maps (perhaps cleaned up some). Just a thought.

  2. waytoocrowded 20080310

    I was was thinking app over website due to spotty wireless on mountains and I’m not sure how good mobile browsers are at saving pages for offline viewing. App that acts as webservice and viewer: download area-specific maps when connection is available and view them any time.

  3. matches 20080311

    That makes sense. How long have you been working on it?

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