I was in the group of angry developers the day the Internet Explorer development team’s version targeting intentions were announced. While I could understand the reasoning, I just couldn’t agree with it. Way too dirty. Yesterday they announced a switch of policy for the good – opt in rather than being forced in. So good. To follow, a beta release of IE8 was posted today. And downloaded.

I held off wiping IE7 from my work machine in favor of IE8 Beta due to actually needing to test websites there. At home, well, I don’t test personal projects. After installing the app and Silverlight (nice up-sell, d00dz) and restarting my machine I was reminded I no longer have to worry about not being able to test old IE versions – there’s even a panic button in the beta. In fact, inserting the meta element with the X-UA-Compatible attribute for version switching should allow me to use the single application for testing all versions of IE.

Two quips: IE8 still supports document.all. Looks like I’ll need to update the archive with proper feature detection. And where’s the Windows 2000 version?


  1. matches 20080306

    I had heard that they changed their collective mind, but didn’t realize a beta was already available. Does the Panic Button completely recreate the IE7 environment, rendering and all?

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