Quit reading and do something


I intend to do things/work on projects/create but feel the need to thoroughly research everything online first to make sure I get it right. This leads to more research on a related topic which leads to learning about some other vaguely related point of interest and so on until I have gotten nothing accomplished but the learning of trivial items that I’ll forget before ever finding useful. Or thanklessly tracking prices/auctions/craigslist for supplies. Thanks internets.

Perhaps less research or traditional research is a better way to go. Get a book or limit to one or two online sources. Learn just enough to be dangerous then get to work letting the rest be found by discovery. Sure someone has probably blogged about the exact mistakes you’ll end up making but reading about it beforehand just doesn’t seem very effective.

Nor does blogging about not doing stuff.


  1. cr 20080304

    Do you find yourself picking crumbs out of the amazing beard while you’re blogging about not doing stuff? I’m pretty sure that’s what I’d be doing if I had an amazing beard.

  2. majafa 20080305

    i have the same problem. I research something on internet. then check a different site, find more links. Before too long i have a whole list of stuff i want to buy and/or try. This is especially true with musical products of all sorts. then there’s the researching cars.

    remember when you saw one advert in a magazine and that was that…or when you went to a shop and whatever they had you bought?

    Don’t even get me started on searching ebay for stuff haha.

    and i still swear you just copied me on the whole growing-a-beard thing.

  3. matches 20080305

    But it IS a great way to kill time at work if you’re just waiting to get home and start doing the thing that you want to be doing. Or waiting for the supplies to arrive. Hence the reason that my entire browser history 3 weeks ago was Mac Pro related. Hard drives? RAM? Boot Camp? Leopard updates? What?

  4. Patrick 20080306

    I could not agree more. Get your ass off the couch and make it already. However, my problem is not a lack of starting, but a lack of finishing. I should not be allowed to start a new project until the last one is finished. Perhaps a mighty beard like yours will help me.

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