Taxing taxes taxer taxi


Does anyone actually test the taxes are voluntary theory? I’m not radical enough. Then again, I’m too scared to even buy a house which would give me so many tax breaks I would forget all about the voluntary claims.

What if there were tax robots. And they were real smart. And not evil. Tax robots sound way more cool than dogbots – tax preparation is lame, dogs are not. Robots are good for lame tasks.

I bet that house I’m too scared to buy would like having a dog in it. This has nothing to do with taxicabs.


  1. matches 20080219

    At this point not filing my taxes would result in a loss of money, so I actually get excited come tax time (refunds!). Also, I’ve had a robot helping me for the past couple of years.

    Dogs are cool too. But they can’t do taxes (nor do they need to).

  2. waytoocrowded 20080219

    I’ve been getting the same assistance, but what I really want is something autonomous.

  3. matches 20080220

    Like a Roomba, but for taxes?

  4. jb 20080222

    matches: that would be hawesome.

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