According to the Whois record, both Photobucket and Flickr first registered their domains in 2003 – Photobucket in May and Flickr in November. Apparently a few months time matters more than good design, usability, features and interface.

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Flickr’s API destroys Photobucket. It seems new features are added to the site monthly. Their uploader feels like a desktop application. Yet Photobucket leads in traffic despite Flickr having generally much higher quality of photo content.

Vimeo’s video quality destroys YouTube’s. It seems new features are added to the site monthly. Their embeds on external sites are as full featured as viewing on their domain – time left and video scrubbing being the notables, not to mention the much lower burden on browser resources. Yet YouTube leads in traffic despite Vimeo having generally much higher quality of video content.

Social networks? Whatevs. I’m not much interested in their content right now.


  1. majafa 20080213

    I think photobucket has more traffic because all those graphics in the comments sections of people’s myspace pages are stored in photobucket. If I’m not mistaken Myspace directs people to photobucket to store graphics and images/photos. that could be a reason…

  2. matches 20080213

    I wonder if Virb is even worth mentioning at this point? Is it making headway at all?

  3. waytoocrowded 20080213

    majafa: But why don’t they (the users or MySpace) flock to Flickr instead?

    matches: Virb did so many things right that despite not having a significant user base I’ll always mention them. They did it best, just fell through the cracks.

  4. malisams 20080221

    i might be completely in the minority, but i kinda…really hate facebook. i only just joined, so maybe i’m just not used to it, but it strikes me as being far more ridiculous than myspace, what with all the “pokes” and trout slapping and vampire challenges and ham gifting (though i fully concede myspace is clunky and fugly and carries the stigma of appealing to tweens). maybe i’m the only one, though.

    and yes, myspace now directly promotes photobucket for photo linking. flickr definitely does kick photobucket’s ass, though.

    you might even say it trout slaps it.

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