I got two things for free yesterday. You likely only got one. goes full album

You can now listen to full length albums on This is neat because is really good and so is free music. What makes really good? API. Standards. Thoughtfulness. What makes free music good? You have dollars for the shows that cost more than five.

I haven’t had a chance to check out what is new, but I’m assuming you might have to have an account. As much praise as I just gushed, I still don’t have a account. Terrible.* The announcement mentions you will be able to listen the tracks a limited number of times (tracked by account data?) and that each play earns the artists a cut of ad revenue. Looks like I’m gushing about my spite towards ad revenue models as well but it’s always nice to see new ways for making the internet and streaming media work to subsidize artists efforts. And given the number of artists and labels using, this could prevent me from having to use MySpace to preview bands.

Hollywood celebrates birthdays

Leaving work I had a personalized voicemail from a real human from the neighborhood Hollywood Video indicating if I stopped in I could get a free rental. Oddly, this is the first year I’ve received such a call. Perhaps it’s due to a change in my rental habits? Or due to continued loss of revenue to online models? Either way, it got me one disc close to completing that box set.

And yeah, I still rent DVDs from Hollywood. Come on, they’re locals.

Purely presentational

Mid twenties for another three years. Give or take. And I typed .cfm instead of .fm every time. Stupid dinosaur technologies.


  1. majafa 20080125

    Go Hollywood Video. Is that were I rented that one movie from that you laughed at ’cause it was a new release and already in the cheap rentals?

  2. BETTY 20080126

    happy birthday, beard!

  3. matches 20080127

    What is Hollywood Video? Also, I did not know you liked Six Feet Under. I don’t even know if I like Six Feet Under. Additionally, beard? It’s a nickname now? Wow – better update your list.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights. 0 comments.

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