My new tubby bitch


My phone is no longer ranking tubby bitch. Skype, the SMS crippled beast thanks you.

I’ve been meaning to try Skype for quite some time but never did as I didn’t have a quality microphone to connect to my machine and there was never anyone else I knew to using it. Talking to myself over a fuzzy built in mic just didn’t sound that fun. A couple months ago I acquired a Zoom H2 with the intention of recording live music and hippy jam sessions with friends. It duplicates as a USB audio interface. But that doesn’t solve the talking to myself problem. Turns out a friend living almost 17 hours in the future now uses Skype.

Downloading Skype is a pleasure. Everything on the download screen is OS and browser specific: OS version requirements, how to save as, launch the installer, etc. Nice time for sniffing. No one using Firefox wants to seen IE screenshots.

One call so far; two if you count the test phone call to a lovely British recording. Technologies have come so far that my new most obsessive phoning device requires being chained to a computer wearing big headphones through which every keystroke is amplified. Tubby bitches are rad, speaking in terms of phone technology only. As for hand held field recorders, the H2 is anything but tubby.


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