That word for motion something


The MAX was way too crowded for any sort of comfort tonight. But it gave me excuse to stand right in the entry/exit, staring out the window, looking fierce.

Then my favorite MAX thing happened. Sometimes just as one train approaches a stop the train heading in the opposite direction is pulling away. My eastbound train was stopping at the Convention Center just as the westbound train was leaving, me staring out the window (as mentioned, looking fierce), towards the westbound tracks. There’s a moment where you feel the jerk of your train seemingly stop but it doesn’t register because you see the opposite train pulling away. Having stared (fiercely) at the motionless buildings just before destroys the reference point. When the doors open behind you it almost seems broken.

Of course by the time the crowd starts bustling, that feeling goes away and you’re just left to wonder what the proper word for describing it is. Seems there should be a word/phrase for it. I swear I’ve heard a word for it before. Of all the search paradigms on the internet, none lets me type in this paragraph to get an answer. Sheesh.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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