Nerd things I’m excited about


So which one to learn first?

Songbird 0.3 + Webpage API

The release of the developer preview of Songbird 0.3 also introduces the Developer Center and the Webpage API. Now not only can Songbird interact with your website but your website can interact with your Songbird. And everyone else’s Songbird.


Big talk turns into big API. Where’s Virb? And if only I could could count on it to solve Photobucket integration woes. Or wait, that’s what Flickr is for.


Forget ridiculous proprietary formats. There’s no reason the web apps can’t be powerful desktop apps as is. Thanks Prism. Bring on the saved data.

WebKit additions

CSS animation (less so…), CSS transforms, client-side databases and downloadable fonts. Now if everyone else would catch up with WebKit.


  1. jb 20071108

    i’m really looking forward to seeing how songbird functions once it gets out of beta. i think i download it every month or so but just get turned off by the numerous bugs that i inevitably encounter. i want it to work. badly. but it just feels like a buggy web app right now. the fact that it is built on top of the mozilla platform makes me cheer for it regardless of how it functions though. songbird, i’m rooting for you. really i am.

    opensocial has me real interested. will be even more interested if facebook eventually decides to support it.

    i’m not sure how i fee about prism yet. i’ll withhold my judgment until i learn a little more about it.

    webkit is on my list of things that are rad.

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