There’s this grain elevator. And train tracks. With a bridge. Steele bridge. Sometime very large boats come in from the great sea to carry away the grain. And the spouts dump and dump. Into vast square bins. They make grain dust fly. Clouds of it. And workmen in hats wander around. And it’s fall. So there is rain. And the rain makes the boat really saturated.

I’ve wanted photos. Suck the soul out of the grain. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.

And today I did.

There’s this application called Photoshop. A grumpy company called Adobe makes it. But it’s real nice. And lets me see big version of what my camera saw. When I dump twenty-some files on it it takes a bit of time to open them all. One by one. By one. First, blurry. Perhaps the rain? Second, blurry? Perhaps the rain? Third, blurry. Perhaps the rain? Forth, blurry. Perhaps…the rain?

No. Not the rain. Focus.

Oh AF. You’ve always done such a fine job for these sorts of photos. They’re your thing. You know. No moving objects. No fast action. If only that little focus button didn’t accidentally turn you off. Manually stuck on 0.3m? No. That doesn’t work when zoomed in on objects 50m away.

Brilliant. LCD. Why can’t you be brighter. So I don’t have to stick my eye in the viewfinder. And can pay attention to the icons on you. Viewfinder. Why can’t you display mini icons of camera settings. So I know what’s going on. I don’t like being in the dark. I’ve learned to compensate for your over-cropped sampling. I’ve given into most of your ways. This would have been so helpful. I’d have photos. I’d be a Flickr hero.

Blurry is not the new black. Or even the new fuschia for that matter.


  1. matches 20071022

    My viewfinder and my LCD both suck for telling whether an image is in focus. All I can do is snap snap snap and wait until I can get my hands on something a little more professional.

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