Local map nerds rejoice


Google Maps recently added Portland to its collection of Street View cities. When the first Street View cities appeared I was jealous Portland got skipped and grumbled while cruising the streets of Denver in haste seeing what’s changed in the years since I lived there.

First seeing the streets of Portland from my desk had me stoked. For whatever reason I never get sick of seeing Burnside despite rarely actually skating it. Views of downtown, injured basketball players and their jerseys are fun too. But when I started venturing into residential districts my paranoia set in. There’s something uneasy about seeing your can parked in front of your apartment building in a publicly accessible map. And I even love of the Maps API. It seems like something that I shouldn’t care about but that documentation that I can’t control that I lived there at that time. Tucked in the help is a link to report inappropriate image – somehow I doubt me not wanting my car in Maps would count as inappropriate.

Forever stuck in Maps. Part of me is bummed I didn’t see the Google car cruising around with its camera rig while the other part is quite pleased at the added confidence that I can’t be found on Portland’s streets.


  1. betty 20071012

    agreed. I got very paranoid when I saw my car parked outside my house on the thing. hehehe.

  2. majafa 20071012

    Given the other cars in your parking lot, do you have any idea when the pictures were actually taken? Or did google say and i just missed it?

    and no offense…they chose Portland over Seattle for the first NW city with street view? As for upcoming cities, I bet Minneapolis and Dallas are soon to come. Unless of course google says which cities are coming next and i missed it…again.

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