Brain + five


Brain + 5 letter word = Hero Song

Plus both songs are track one on their respective albums.

Hot Snakes – they’ll destroy you every time.


  1. sally 20071001

    once again… great pics. and i love this new theme you got going on, it lets me listen to new music that i’ve never heard of… i’m so out of the loop

  2. sally 20071004

    all i gotta say is, you should probably bring some of that delicious food back home with you….. you can’t tease someone like that and not deliver. it’s just not fair!!! mmmmmm brownies.

  3. waytoocrowded 20071004

    All I gotta say is, you should probably get a Flickr account so you can comment on photos… and tease with your own.

    I kid. But I don’t share.

  4. sally 20071009

    ha… jason keeps telling me that… i will… i will… so much work. but for right now he puts my best ones on his website… mostly because he takes good photos so when i see him i just give him my camera. like that photo of kyle… jason took that. wow! that’s all i gotta say about that.. wow. he truly captured the moment.

  5. sally 20071012

    don’t show me gummi bears and cookies if you can’t deliver. unbelievable

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