Exploding throat veins


Digital cameras are rad. Flickr is rad. Everyone being a photographer is rad. Rock shows are rad. Trying to watch enjoy a rock show with a dozen cameras in front of your face is not rad.

Rules for show photography

  1. Get your photos during the first two songs and then stash your camera until the next band. They might be sweatier and/or less clothed later in the set but too bad.
  2. Learn to use your camera at home.
  3. Turn off any focus-assist devices. I don’t want to see the frontman’s face glow red every fifteen seconds. If your camera can’t focus with the available light, do it manually. If you can’t do that, put your camera away.

Last night was Planes Mistaken for Stars last show ever in Portland as they are currently on their farewell tour. Needless to say, cameras were in full effect. I had mine in hand but held myself to these rules. After all, I wanted to spend most of my time enjoying the show seeing as it’ll never happen again.


  1. sally 20070917

    wow!! i like this one uh…post?? is that what they’re called?? but unfortunately i would be the asshole who was using a “focus-assist device” because i can’t manually work my camera. shame shame… in two days i will be at an intercity high school playing teacher and or observing students…. if you don’t hear from me in a couple of days… i’m probably dead. or tied to the flagpole

Exploding throat veins

Exploding throat veins. 1 comment.

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