Slate recently called Portland America’s indie rock mecca. I don’t have much knowledge of other cities to make a fair assessment of that claim, but it’s certainly true there is no shortage of musicians in this town. Craigslist always has a steady flow of hungry guitar players looking for a rhythm section and almost any night there’s a listen-able band playing somewhere.

But it ends there. Touring bands care more about Seattle and San Francisco. That, or they’re either afraid of being sucked into the cities charm and not being able to escape or being blown away by the opening act. Or any of numerous other tour scheduling conflicts/issues that I’ll just pretend don’t exist. Two upcoming tours of bands I love successfully skirting this rock mecca:

Ted Leo + Rx

My mistake for missing their last show here.

  1. 10.23.07 : Seattle
  2. 10.24.07 : off
  3. 10.25.07 : San Francisco
  4. 10.26.07 : San Francisco x2

American Steel w/The Larry Arms

First tour since reforming after 2002 disbanding.

  1. 11.10.07 : San Francisco
  2. 11.11.07 : San Francisco x2
  3. 11.12.07 : off
  4. 11.13.07 : Salt Lake City

At least I don’t have to be as jealous of Seattle on that second one.

Skateboards and bikes are better at nights

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